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By: Tyson Hartshorn, CEO


This week, I would like to highlight some of the amazing new ways in which our clients are tackling the challenging issue of biosecurity.

These innovators come from very different businesses, but have one overarching goal in common; to prevent outbreaks before they happen.

If done properly, biosecurity programs have such significant impact to animal welfare and the economics of production that it is a priority for production management and veterinarians alike.

In addition, new regulatory guidelines will force the majority of production sites to enhance, or adapt, their practices and capture better data around adherence to guidelines.

The Innately platform is unique in that it allows organizations to build biosecurity protocols, audits, and reporting methods to meet regulatory requirements that align with unique business processes.

It is apparent to us that biosecurity programs have been carefully tailored by organizations to best handle their specific operating environments.  The biosecurity evaluations that organizations are building on the platform have some common elements, but it is critical for each business to custom design a system that can evolve as their organizations change and grow.

Using Innately also eliminates the double data entry that is common in these programs. Innately’s mobile application can be used on smart phones or tablets to capture audit results, deliver biosecurity protocols, and provide in-app training directly to users in the field. Optionally,  smart device  cameras can be utilized to capture pictures and videos which often give a more complete picture than words alone can.

If technology in the field is not an option, clients are using our patented digital paper processing service to instantly turn scans, or photographs, of handwritten paperwork into digital data. This allows an organization to consolidate all of their biosecurity documentation and data in a secure web portal with as much efficiency as if it had been entered into a computing device from the start .

Once the data is entered, production and health management personnel have almost real time access to the results. This allows much shorter feedback loops to correct issues and stay ahead of outbreak situations.  The increase in accountability when everyone is working collaboratively has had significant impact on the success of biosecurity programs.

Finally, clients are coming up with creative ways to create reports and analytics that give everyone a simple and clear picture of how a biosecurity audit has been scored.  Clients can further use this data to track trends of each production location and then create facility benchmarks to compare against each other, or against company goals.

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