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Engaging the Digital Customer

Are You Properly Engaging The Digital Customer Category?

Tyson Hartshorn, CEO — I have come across some very tech savvy Baby Boomers that fit inside of the digital customer category, so I don’t want to be too general with this statement, but the 40 and under crowd live life and do business very differently than the generations before them.

A decade ago, a prospective customer would dismiss a company that did not have a well-designed website. Today, that perception has extended to business applications.

A digital customer will come from one of these generations: Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z.

They will expect self-serve access to information, near real time interactions around the service or product you are providing, and they want to do all of this on their mobile computing devices. In addition, these “digital generations” like to work in digital communities that contain other customers and employees.

It is very important not to overlook the benefits of creating a community of digital customers around your business. The perception of your company can be based on the kind of digital interactions you have with customers of this type.

Don’t take this as bad news!

It is simply a challenge and one that can reap huge benefits.

If you can succeed in creating this experience, the digital customer will be more likely to give testimonials, post reviews, give feedback, and spread the word across social media than your other customers. There is nothing more powerful than this word-of-mouth marketing, and it is free!

So, knowing that this is your largest growing customer base, what is your strategy?

Many businesses are trying to recover from the “App Thrash” phenomena; money was thrown at custom development shops with very little thought to overall integration strategy, end user value recognition, ongoing support, or adoption issues.

Some businesses have never had the budget or risk tolerance to tackle what seems like a daunting step to keep up with the times.

Others have tried an off-the-shelf approach, with very mixed results. It may have been a poor fit, or a vanilla customer experience, which can often be worse than no so software solution at all.

We take a very innovative approach to helping our clients capture this new opportunity in ways that minimize risk, time to market, and cost. Visit us at to learn how you can start to capture your digital audience with interactive business applications.

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